~ Koori word for wombat: The ‘spirit of the forest’.

The Bundadung is the birth place of XC mountain biking in Tathra.

The area features approx. 23km of XC trails including Tathra’s challenging Evil Tom and Kingy’s Climb alongside the iconic Bridges, Anchor’s Away and Haddi Gatti descents.

The trail head is located at the Tathra Country Club, 1km north of the Tathra township on the Tathra Bermagui Road.

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The Tathra Country Club has parking, water, toilets and change facilities that are open daily.

The main entry trail starts in the carpark and heads across the ovals, through the skills park and onto the main Lagoon trail.

There is a trail map located in the south eastern corner of ovals. There are additional trail map signboards located at six other intersections around the Bundadung.

All beginner (green trails) are located on the lower reaches of the Bundadung, and include the two “School Loops”.

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The Tathra MTB Club has joined with the Bega Local Aboriginal Lands Council, Tathra Nature Trust, and private landholders to build the trails in the Bundadung area.

We ask that you “Stay on Track”, and respect the environment which we all share.

The Tathra MTB Trails are named after local identities, locations and the history of the area.

Some track names include:

BUNDADUNG Koori word for wombat the ‘spirit of the forest’.
EVIL TOM 1.7km climb – Name says it all. Tom loves hills!!!
PAULA’S PARK About 1km of meandering rainforest track designed for Evil Tom’s other half.
LEWY’S LOOP Flattish 2km with lots of swerves and curves. Lewis Nott’s request.
HATTI GADDI 2.7 km downhill – Local Koori word for ‘glowing worms’. You will see lots of pink and blue eyes watching you on a night ride.
NIZENTITE 3km downhill with numerous gully drops and through the “fairy forest”. Lots of tight situations, but heaps of fun!
BRIDGES 1.8 km downhill – 13 bridges crossing creeks and gullies. Experienced riders only.
KINGY’S CLIMB 2.4 km climb – Tough parts with lots of rests. Named after a local Koori who lived at the top of climb. Remains of his humpy are still there.
NO SECOND THOUGHTS 0.9 km of our highest commitment gully drops with numerous uphill pinches. Designed by a bored surfer who loves hitting the “lip” and carving a bottom turn.
LITTLE DICKY 400 metre beginners climb. Named quite disrespectfully after our President – Richard Gallimore – The club’s paperwork man …and lots of it!!!
NELBA’S RISE 2 km intermediate climb. Named after King Nelba – Local Koori legend.
SOFT SALLY Flattish 2km with a few uphill pinches. Sally Gallimore asked for a track to avoid a tough fire trail climb… it was Richard’s comment!!!
ANCHORS AWAY 1.8 km downhill – Thanks Andy ‘anchors’ Johnson for making these tracks happen. When you throw an anchor off the boat… make sure it is tied on, or you’ll get a nickname like anchors!!!
TNT 1 km flattish – Tight-’n-Technical. The Tatura Nature Reserve committee asked for a track that will deter motor bikes… it works!!!
FIRELINE 2 km – gentle rise with some fun bits. The start is a fun entry level section, which joins a designated fire containment line.
SNEAKY STACE Link from Kingy’s Climb/Bridges to Evil Tom. Shortest and easiest way to the top. The idea of Stacey (Sneaky, Shonky, Sensible, Simple but always Sound) George who is a foundation track builder/journalist/event organiser… behind the scenes champion!
CODE BLUE 1.5km – Twists and turns. Start of the Fire shed Loop which is an all blue grade track. No absolute climbs or descents, just constant contours with lots of lumps and bumps.
HUMPTY DUMPTY 1km – Twists and turns. Steve Todd is also a foundation track builder, but has trouble “staying on track”! Our most regular crash test dummy, but hasn’t quite broken his shell yet!!!!
GEORGIE GIRL 1.5km – Gentle climb with lots of switchbacks. This section was named after Stacey George, before she started taking shortcuts!!
JJ’s 1.5km – Flattish with the traditional twists and turns. Named after the late Joseph John Caddey and Jill Johnson. The track designer goes to their memorials in this area for advice and a chat.
CREEK RUN 1km – Downhill with 13 creek crossings. Hold on and enjoy the ride.
APPLE GROVE 1km – Fire trail with 2 creek crossings. In the early 1900’s this area was an Apple Orchard run by the Gowing Family.
BAD APPLES 1.5km. A left hand turn after the creek run. A fun descent – but a climb to get out.
BLACK APPLES More like rotten apples if you don’t get it right. This technical deviation was built off Bad Apples by some hardened blokes for those who like a few more rocks.
BACK OF BOURKE 1 km – Flat open area. Australian slang a “Long way from anywhere” and it is!
BOULDER BAY ROAD 1km – Gentle climb. Time for a drink and check out the scenery.
PINK LADY 1km – Level section with lots of curves and swerves. Back into the Apple Orchard area.
THE QUARRY 1.5km – Our “north shore” section. This old quarry provided soil for local bricks and road base for the Evans Hill road.
BACK TO BASE 1 km – Flattish return to the Fireshed.