Where can i find trail maps?

The most up to date maps are on Trail forks, here
The bike shops often have printed maps available.
There are maps on signs on the trails at the Trail Heads (see below)
And at the intersection of Thompson’s road, Tathra and the dirt road from

Where are the trail heads?

The main trail head is at Tathra Country Club, on Tathra-Bermagui Road, here:


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The Tathra Country Club has parking, water, toilets and change facilities that are open daily.The main trail starts in the carpark and heads across the ovals, through the skills park and onto the main trails.There is a trail map located in the south eastern corner of ovals. There are additional trail map signboards located at six other intersections around the Bundadung.Alternatively trail maps can obtained from Tathra Beach and Bike or from the Trail Forks website

Does Tathra mtb club hold bike races?

Yes, we hold races throughout the year on our trails.
These generally require a racing licence from AusCycling here
Check our club race calendar here
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How do i join tathra mtb club?

Visit our membership sign-up page here

Where can i go for bike repairs? a new bike?

We are lucky enough to have several bike shops in the area!
Click on the shop name to go to their website:

Tathra Beach and Bike
Andy Poole Drive, Tathra
Ph: 02 6494 4357
Email: [email protected]

Cycle N Surf
1b Marine Parade, Merimbula
Ph: 02 6495 2171
Email: [email protected]

Merimbula and Bega Sports Power
168 Carp St, Bega
5/36 Market St, Merimbula
Ph: 02 6492 2383 (Bega) or 02 6495 4554 (Merimbula)
Email: [email protected]