Route for Day 2:
Sunday, 11 June 2023
Little’s Bottler 3 hour, and
Tarra Motors 5 hour

Both events ride the same route (3 hour starts later) and finish around the same time.
the 5 hour has more time… to fit in more laps… and the opportunity to have larger teams.

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Click on the image below to go to strava link for the segment,
“2023 MTB Fest loop”

Route description: Start at Tathra Beach Country Club –> Around poo ponds –> Up Kingy’s Climb –> Into Hatti Gaddi –> Down Jane’s Addiction –> Take short cut to Nelba’s Rise until turn-off to Fire Road at Half-Anchors –> Up Fire Road to top of Anchors Away –> Down Anchors Away –> Around the return single track to Tathra Beach Country Club